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Meat Feast

This morning’s post is a slight deviation from my usual topics – it’s a guide to cooking a hangi.  My main reason for posting to be honest is that I don’t keep a diary and my memory is terrible, so … Continue reading

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Which is of course logically derived from Acronyms Really Send me sillEe. One of the regular parts of a research career is the endless cycle of applying for research funding.  The various research councils open calls for grants every 6-12 … Continue reading

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No need for cheese on the moon – we have enough in orbit.

So the hatches have finally closed, separating the shuttle from the International Space Station for the very last time.  As I posted earlier last week, the shuttle has achieved a lot, and expensive as it may be it’s a shame … Continue reading

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Interference is awesome

Obviously the title depends somewhat on context, as Micahel Jackson would no doubt attest (I am of course referring to the inevitable regret he must have felt about trying to sort his nose out… honest).  However, in the particular case … Continue reading

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How rare is rare?

For some time now the increasing use of what are known as the rare earth elements (REEs) – particularly in electronics components – has lead to growing worries about their supply. Depsite their name, many REEs are actually pretty common … Continue reading

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News Wars IV: A New Hope

A long time ago, in a street in Wapping far far away… It is a period of of civil war. Rebel journalists, striking against mass-sackings, are seeking their first victory against the Murdoch Empire.   During the battle, Journalist spies … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 3: Ashclouds and Aircraft

Probably the last of these I’ll do for a little while, but perhaps the one with the broadest current public interest. One of the interesting things about the shutting of airspace due to volcanic ash is that – for most … Continue reading

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My first memory of the space shuttle missions was being at primary school, and us all sitting around in the 3rd year classroom to watch Challenger take off.  I was a bit young to really gather what was going on, … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 2: Volcanic flows

Yesterdays post dealt with some of the problems inherent in earthquake hazard assessment, today I’m going to focus on something a little closer to my heart – the problems in assessing volcanic risk.  I will say straight away that I’m … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 1: Earthquakes

The conference I was at over the last two weeks was notable for a very large number of sessions on hazard mitigation.  Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, storms, and even asteroid impacts all fell under the umbrellas of the various branches … Continue reading

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