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So you want to be a geologist

With many schools running options evening in the upcoming months, I thought I’d put a post together which answers a lot of the questions which I’ve been asked over the years – namely those which amount to “how do you … Continue reading

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Weathering it out

Last night the NASA Earth Observatory posted up a natural colour satellite image of Puyehue Cordon Caulle – the volcano in Chile which has been erupting since June (and which I wrote about here).  The eruption itself started on the … Continue reading

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Planet ‘Idle Speculation’

Last night the BBC aired its opening episode of Planet Dinosaur, billed as “bringing to life a new and terrifying world of dinosaurs”.  It’s classified as ‘factual, science and nature’. Now, I’m very much in two minds about this program. … Continue reading

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The excitement of exploration

With a rather busy week out of the way (which neatly included the production of blackberry and elderberry wine, as well as a blackberry clotted cream ice cream) I can finally take a few minutes to draw some attention to … Continue reading

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