El Hierro activity

UPDATE: It has been reported that the ongoing activity has culminated in submarine eruption over the last 4 hours. Source.

UPDATE 2: Still no confirmation of submarine eruption. However, the seismic trace is truly textbook. Note the increasing amplitude with time.  Image appended to the bottom of the post.

Over the last few months volcanologists have been keeping their eye on El Hierro in the Canary Islands, as it has seen an uptick in activity leading to the Spanish government increasing its alert level to ‘Yellow’ late last month. The YouTube clip below shows a 3D representation of the earthquake foci from July through September.

This morning what would appear to be harmonic tremors – seismic activity related to magma movement – have been ongoing. The live seismometer output is available here.

The image below shows a screenshot of the seismogram trace from 9 am BST this morning.  More information regarding El Hierro’s eruptive past is available at the Global Volcanism Project page.






Updated seismogram, 2200 BST.


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