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“I can’t think, therefore I probably am not”

This morning while doing my daily trawl of Twitter and Google Reader to see what’s been going on I came across a couple of interesting posts from everyones favourite particle physicist and pop keyboardist – Prof. Brian Cox. These started … Continue reading

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Impressive bedding

I realised this morning that I never got around to posting this up.  While showing the new undergraduates a bit of Devon geology last month, we took them to an exposure of aeolian cross bedding which has been used by … Continue reading

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A Canarian comparison

My last post mentioned the really interesting bimodal and alkaline nature of the magma system under El Hierro and the submarine vent system, and I promised I would provide some comparison to nearby Tenerife.  Tenerife also shows bimodal alkaline chemistry, … Continue reading

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El Hierro 4: Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

UPDATED 16:40 have got their webcam up and running (be patient  – it’s a little flaky at the moment). The eruption at El Hierro has (as of Saturday) become at least partially subaerial.  For the non-scientists amongst you that … Continue reading

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