Welcome to a new age

Pyroclastic flow deposits in Tenerife. Training a geographer in how to spot a lithic. If only I could get him to wear a proper t shirt so easily.

As you’ve probably noticed, the blog has changed name.

Look on it as part 2 of a New Year facelift (albeit more in sync with the Chinese calendar than the Gregorian). I was never really enamoured with the original title, and so I finally took the time to sit down and sort it out.  Now I just have my fingers crossed that WordPress managed to correctly update the various RSS feeds and suchlike.

Picking a new name was actually a rather tricky process.  Once you’ve eliminated the long, difficult to spell (of differently spelled), un-accented, and (most importantly) available words, trying to find something that relates to the site itself can be a bit of a bugger. While most of my work revolves around deposition and erosion from various gravity currents, that is far from all I post about.  So, I decided to go broad.

‘Lithic’ literally means “of, relating to, or composed of stone”.

More specifically, however, the first work I did during my PhD was investigating the behaviour of small dense particles within ignimbrite deposits.  These ‘lithics’ are the fragments of old material from inside and around the volcanic vent that are picked up during an explosive eruption and carried along with the hot juvenile pumice and ash in pyroclastic flows.  They’re a lot denser than the rest of the material you find in these flows, so how they get transported and eventually deposited is an interesting route into trying to understand how pyroclastic flows behave.

So basically lithics have all kinds of implications for erosion, transport, sedimentation, and the interpretation of resulting deposits.  They’re interesting things.  I hope this blog can live up to the name.


About Pete Rowley

Earth Scientist with a background in volcanology and sedimentology. Enjoys a good rant, beer, and games. Dislikes reality TV, crowds, and unreasonable people.
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3 Responses to Welcome to a new age

  1. maltpress says:

    You should’ve called it “Rock Choppin’ Petes” after the Chemical Brothers song of the same name and repeated lyrics.

  2. Brian Romans says:

    nice, I’m looking forward to some posts about pyroclastic flow processes, fascinating stuff

  3. Pete Rowley says:

    Adam, may I point you in the direction of @kwinkunks. I think the two of you would be capable of triggering some kind of punpocalypse.

    Brian – yep, I’ve been meaning to get a series going on that. As you said the other day – finding the time to put together quality posts can be a struggle. rest assured that there’s definitely stuff in the pipeline though.

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