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Loose cable

For months now there has been a rather over-excited public belief that a bunch of scientists in Italy received some neutrons from CERN a bit sooner than they should have. The OPERA experimental results reported late last year – i.e. … Continue reading

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Culinary intermission

Not had a chance to post for a while, and work is mental so I’m avoiding writing about geology in what spare time I do have – apologies, normal service will be resumed shortly. Between data production and analysis, prepping … Continue reading

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Friday Signage

Having a shared office in an academic department is a double edged sword; on the one hand it means there’s always someone you can chat to, on the other it means that there tends to be more disturbance. I guess … Continue reading

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Interpreting satellite imagery

Sometimes when you see satellite imagery you can be utterly blown away by what you see.  In many of these cases there is no question about what you are looking at. The NASA Earth Observatory has posted a number of … Continue reading

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