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About the Author

An Earth Science researcher at the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, formerly at Royal Holloway, University of London, with a background in teaching and an ongoing interest in science communication and education.  I specialise in physical volcanology and the sedimentology of density currents – particularly pyroclastic flows and turbidity currents.  I blog about whatever grabs my attention at the time, which may range from current events (in earth science or otherwise), communication, or whatever cooking, brewing, smoking or curing adventure I’ve recently embarked on.

More information on me here and here

The views expressed here are very much my own, and have no relation to anybody or thing that I might be associated with


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The picture at the top of the site is a 360 degree panoramic composite photo taken from the peak of Montagne Blanca (so called for its pale – although green-tinged – pumice), Tenerife.  The large peak on the left is Pico del Teide, with leveed phonolitic lava flows on its flanks (slope angle exaggerated by the wide angle lens). The Cordillera Dorsal runs off toward Santa Cruz to the right of the image.

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