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Today is the day that Expedition 35 return from the International Space Station. Later tonight they will climb into the docked Soyuz capsule, and perform a re-entry back to Earth, bringing to an end a truly phenomenal period of public … Continue reading

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Tongariro Fireworks

Following the little spike of activity back in August, Tongariro in New Zealand reactivated today with a 5 minute explosive eruption jetting up a small plume and generating some very limited pyroclastic flows. With it being a daytime eruption, and … Continue reading

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Accretionary Wedge #52

Been a while since I had a chance to get in on the Accretionary Wedge, which – for those of you who are perhaps not familiar – is something of a geoscience blog carnival. Once a month, someone hosts a … Continue reading

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Accretionary Wedge #46 – Geology, Life and Civilisation

For those of you who may not be aware, there is a fantastic thing in the geobloggosphere known as The Accretionary Wedge.  Every month or so,  someone hosts a specific topic.  Geobloggers are invited to contribute, and the submissions over … Continue reading

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Fault Dynamics 101

This is a post I’ve been putting off writing for a while, as I find it a very tricky subject to cover without a hands-on practical.  However, a question which has been asked of me a few times (and particularly … Continue reading

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Loose cable

For months now there has been a rather over-excited public belief that a bunch of scientists in Italy received some neutrons from CERN a bit sooner than they should have. The OPERA experimental results reported late last year – i.e. … Continue reading

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Some ways in which science journalists demonstrate they don’t understand science journalism

This afternoon Ananyo Bhattacharya, the Chief Online Editor for the journal Nature, posted a piece on the Guardian website entitled “Nine ways scientists demonstrate they don’t understand journalism”. While he makes a few valid points further down the article (the … Continue reading

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