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McLympics 2012

(Apologies for no science – normal service will resume shortly. Spleen needed venting) To be fair, I should have caught the early warning signs when they released the official mascots. Stopcock and Vaudeville or whatever the hell they’re called. The … Continue reading

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Planet ‘Idle Speculation’

Last night the BBC aired its opening episode of Planet Dinosaur, billed as “bringing to life a new and terrifying world of dinosaurs”.  It’s classified as ‘factual, science and nature’. Now, I’m very much in two minds about this program. … Continue reading

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Cooking with fissile material

Nuclear power has come in for something of a bad press in the last few months following Fukushima, despite the fact that the actual outcome of that event was that an ageing nuclear plant just about withstood an event which … Continue reading

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