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Accretionary Wedge #52

Been a while since I had a chance to get in on the Accretionary Wedge, which – for those of you who are perhaps not familiar – is something of a geoscience blog carnival. Once a month, someone hosts a … Continue reading

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Tips to Teachers – the system is broken

This morning the news is filled with coverage of a Daily Telegraph story which uncovered exam boards tipping off teachers as to which questions they should prepare their students for, and key phrases they should use. Michael Gove, the Education … Continue reading

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“I can’t think, therefore I probably am not”

This morning while doing my daily trawl of Twitter and Google Reader to see what’s been going on I came across a couple of interesting posts from everyones favourite particle physicist and pop keyboardist – Prof. Brian Cox. These started … Continue reading

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So you want to be a geologist

With many schools running options evening in the upcoming months, I thought I’d put a post together which answers a lot of the questions which I’ve been asked over the years – namely those which amount to “how do you … Continue reading

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Grade inflation as a method for restricting social mobility

Another day, another pronouncement of record exam results.  I commented on the A level case last week, so I’ll not bother going into the ridiculous mechanisms of manipulation again.  This time, I’m going to go into the outcome of such … Continue reading

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Look what they’ve done to us

Disclaimer: I’m going to be making a set of  generalisations here. There are, of course many exceptions to these, but I’m dealing in broad strokes. I had a rather interesting day yesterday, waking up to discover a post I made … Continue reading

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The miracle generation

For the 29th year running, we have record A Level results. Now, given that exam difficulty is supposedly set based on previous exams, we can assume that the chances of one years results being higher or lower than the previous … Continue reading

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Nothing is sacred

Royal Holloway, University of London are closing their Classics department. Now, I want you to read the title again, this time as a declaration of intent rather than as if bemoaning something. RHUL Classics is actually being scaled down, and … Continue reading

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