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Bárðarbunga – Plumbing the depths

The internet has lit up in the last three days or so with people getting (over?)excited about activity at the volcano of Bárðarbunga in Iceland, particularly since the Icelandic Meteorological Office have been gradually ramping up the Aviation Colour Code from green (“normal, non … Continue reading

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Mayon kills 5

Mt Mayon is a beautiful volcano.  The only work I’ve done on it was some years ago during my PhD, when I was doing a little analysis on volcano profiles. I was struck by its incredible symmetry.  So I can … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 3: Ashclouds and Aircraft

Probably the last of these I’ll do for a little while, but perhaps the one with the broadest current public interest. One of the interesting things about the shutting of airspace due to volcanic ash is that – for most … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 2: Volcanic flows

Yesterdays post dealt with some of the problems inherent in earthquake hazard assessment, today I’m going to focus on something a little closer to my heart – the problems in assessing volcanic risk.  I will say straight away that I’m … Continue reading

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