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What an opportunity

Today marks the start of the 9th year that NASA’s Opportunity rover has been active on Mars. Launched back in 2003, and landing on January 25th 2004, Opportunity had an operational expectation of 90 sols (a sol being a Martial … Continue reading

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No need for cheese on the moon – we have enough in orbit.

So the hatches have finally closed, separating the shuttle from the International Space Station for the very last time.  As I posted earlier last week, the shuttle has achieved a lot, and expensive as it may be it’s a shame … Continue reading

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My first memory of the space shuttle missions was being at primary school, and us all sitting around in the 3rd year classroom to watch Challenger take off.  I was a bit young to really gather what was going on, … Continue reading

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Taking the piss.

In a bout of over-reaction that the Daily Mail would be proud of, Portland Water Bureau have dumped almost 8 million gallons of water after a man urinated in an open reservoir. Now, aside from the patently ridiculous reaction in … Continue reading

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Astronomy looks like 1970’s Star Trek

Astronomy is facing a problem. The ESA have released a truly incredible piece of footage from the Mars Express probe.  It features Deimos (one of the two moons of Mars) passing across the probes field of view, with Jupiter clearly … Continue reading

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