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Tongariro Fireworks

Following the little spike of activity back in August, Tongariro in New Zealand reactivated today with a 5 minute explosive eruption jetting up a small plume and generating some very limited pyroclastic flows. With it being a daytime eruption, and … Continue reading

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New Zealand volcanoes going for gold

While they might be 19th on the medal table, the kiwis are doing a sterling job of heading up this weeks volcano news. Both White Island and Tongaririo have shown activity this week. White Island was last active in 1980, and … Continue reading

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The pyroclastic flows of Mount Doom

I thought I might take the opportunity to write a few posts about my first love – pyroclastic density currents (PDCs).  These are basically particle-laden flows, rich in ash and pumice, which form from explosive eruption columns or the collapse … Continue reading

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