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Mayon kills 5

Mt Mayon is a beautiful volcano.  The only work I’ve done on it was some years ago during my PhD, when I was doing a little analysis on volcano profiles. I was struck by its incredible symmetry.  So I can … Continue reading

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Tongariro Fireworks

Following the little spike of activity back in August, Tongariro in New Zealand reactivated today with a 5 minute explosive eruption jetting up a small plume and generating some very limited pyroclastic flows. With it being a daytime eruption, and … Continue reading

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Diamond Geyser – anatomy of a kimberlite eruption

Sorry, I can’t resist a pun. Kimberlite pipes are – geologically and economically – hugely important things. These weird  features appear on maps as simple circular(ish) structures, perhaps up to a few hundred meters across. They are the vent which … Continue reading

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El Hierro 4: Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

UPDATED 16:40 Earthquake-report.com have got their webcam up and running (be patient  – it’s a little flaky at the moment). The eruption at El Hierro has (as of Saturday) become at least partially subaerial.  For the non-scientists amongst you that … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 2: Volcanic flows

Yesterdays post dealt with some of the problems inherent in earthquake hazard assessment, today I’m going to focus on something a little closer to my heart – the problems in assessing volcanic risk.  I will say straight away that I’m … Continue reading

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