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Turbidity currents, pretty pictures, and an amazing 3D imaging tool

As well as my work on pyroclastic modelling, my first postdoc was spent investigating submarine turbidity currents. It’s fair to say most of the general population have never heard of the things, which might be considered bizarre considering the fact … Continue reading

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Diamond Geyser – anatomy of a kimberlite eruption

Sorry, I can’t resist a pun. Kimberlite pipes are – geologically and economically – hugely important things. These weird  features appear on maps as simple circular(ish) structures, perhaps up to a few hundred meters across. They are the vent which … Continue reading

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Fault Dynamics 101

This is a post I’ve been putting off writing for a while, as I find it a very tricky subject to cover without a hands-on practical.  However, a question which has been asked of me a few times (and particularly … Continue reading

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Weathering it out

Last night the NASA Earth Observatory posted up a natural colour satellite image of Puyehue Cordon Caulle – the volcano in Chile which has been erupting since June (and which I wrote about here).  The eruption itself started on the … Continue reading

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