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Shameless plug – European Geosciences Union session

Calling all sedimentologists, physical volcanologists, and flow modellers. Myself, Guilhem Douillet, Gert Lube, and Rich Brown are chairing a session at the EGU conference in Vienna next April, titled “Sedimentation and stratigraphy from pyroclastic gravity-driven flows” Our hope is to … Continue reading

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Hazard Assessment Part 3: Ashclouds and Aircraft

Probably the last of these I’ll do for a little while, but perhaps the one with the broadest current public interest. One of the interesting things about the shutting of airspace due to volcanic ash is that – for most … Continue reading

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Humanitarian crisis in Eritrea? The volcano no-one expected.

You would certainly be forgiven for not realising that in the last week there has been a large volcanic eruption going on in North East Africa – its presence in the mainstream news sites has been minimal (if covered at … Continue reading

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